30-Day Challenge

What Is This Challenge?

It means coming into the studio every single day to take a class. But there is some flexibility.

If you can't manage for a day or a weekend, you can either do an extra class before the days you're going to miss - to put one 'in the bank' so to speak, or you can make up your missed class after, within a week.

Use your challenge to establish healthy new habits! 

Exercise makes you happy. The right food for your body makes you happy. 

We would recommend protein powder to keep your muscles strong during your challenge. 

Doing a class every single day for 30 days will leave you feeling amazing.

You'll be supported by the studio all the way through and enjoy a tremendous sense of achievement when you finish. 

Yes, there will be tired days. At these times, you take it easy in class and don't push so much. 

There will also be really strong days - stronger than you've ever had before, making you feel super-human!

Why not do it towards the end of the year to start feeling fabulous ahead of 2020!

When Can I Do It?

Anytime you want! 

The consistency of practice improves your strength and flexibility as well as your focus and concentration. 

You will naturally crave healthier foods, your skin and eyes will become bright and clear, you'll tone up and lose weight - it's possible to burn around 400 calories during a hot class!  

But do make time for the gentler classes too. Life's about balance.

Choose your classes from:

Bikram Yoga

Silent Bikram

Hatha Yoga

NYC 60 - Bikram with abdominal moves 

Inferno Hot Pilates 

Tantra Yoga

Vinyasa Flow

Yin Yoga