The BodyMind Vision



Our mission is to offer yoga to those who face the biggest challenges in accessing it: through a range of social issues such as poverty, addiction, lack of confidence, low self-esteem and chronic illness. Now that dream is being realised. Working with people accessing drug rehabilitation services, the studio provides classes for people from diverse backgrounds. The BodyMind Studio is a Community Interest Company - a legal status ensuring profits go back into benefitting the students. Please see Y12SR - the Yoga of 12-Step Recovery in 'Classes'.

The BodyMind Background



The BodyMind Studio's owner, Lou, has the autoimmune disease, lupus. She identifies with 'childhood adversity' experiences which cause chronic stress. Her PhD research, along with many trainings and courses attended over a decade, has deepened Lou's understanding of how emotional dis-ease manifests in the body. Yoga brings clarity. It can help us to heal and with a consistent practice can lead us to find our dharma - our 'true' path in life. 

The BodyMind Founder


Dr. Lou Prendergast (PhD) - Always Training. Always Evolving.

Inferno Hot Pilates Level 2 teacher training (3 days), Ubud, Bali (August 2019)

Hatha Yoga 500 Hour (2 years part-time) Glasgow, June 2019

The Neurobiology of Trauma/Trauma Informed Yoga Practices (5 Days), London (March 19)

Inferno Hot Pilates teacher training (3 days), Ubud, Bali (August 2018)

Y12SR Leadership training (3 days) – Bury St. Edmonds, Suffolk (July 2017)

Y12SR Online Intensive (6 hours) (january 2019)

Hatha Yoga 500 hr teacher training,Yoga Scotland (Sept 2017-June 19)

Bikram Yoga – intensive nine-week teacher training, Thailand (Fall 2015)

Other Stuff...

Bikram Yoga regular practice (since April 2009)

Bikram Yoga masterclass with Ulises Calatayud, Glasgow (July, 2014)

Yoga – 5-day Ayurvedic detox at Gurukul, Goa, India (January/February 2014)

Meditation – 10-day Vipassana course, Kolhapur, India (February 2014)

Shamanism – Power Retrieval sessions, Glasgow (2013)

Shamanism – Group ‘Letting Go’ session, Glasgow (2014)

Vibrational Therapy – in person, and ‘distance healing’, Nairn (April 2014)

Yoga – Yoga and Creativity workshop, Huddersfield (September 2014)

Meditation – 10-day Vipassana meditation course, Norwich (December 2014)

Actor Training  - 6-day Company of Wolves Training, Glasgow (January 2015)

Shamanism – 5-day Shamanic Bananas retreat, Tenerife (February 2015)

Actor Training – 2-day Nicholas Nunez workshop, Glasgow (Mar 2015)

Meditation – 10-day Vipassana meditation course, Rajasthan, India (July 2015)

Meditation – Vipassana meditation (7-days), Dharamsala, India (April 2016)

Yoga – Bikram teacher training ‘refresher’ (4-days), Pune, India (May 2016)

Workshop - Mudra Space Awareness – Lee Worley at Performance and Mindfulness Symposium, Huddersfield University, (June 2016)

Actor Training – 4-day Beginners Intensive – Phillip Zarrilli, Wales (July 2016)

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