181 St. Georges Road, Charing Cross, Glasgow, G3 6JD

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Kindness. Compassion. Motivation.

We are a small, intimate hot yoga studio teaching Bikram Yoga, Inferno Hot Pilates and other non-heated, traditional yoga classes. We are a Community Interest Company. It's not about profit.

Our mission is to welcome those who may face the biggest challenges in accessing our classes; due to a range of social issues including poverty, isolation, addiction, childhood trauma and abuse. 

As well as our friendly community of paying customers, we offer free classes to closed groups and subsidised memberships for income challenged individuals. We believe in is social inclusion.

We work with individuals recovering from the trauma of addiction and/or domestic and sexual abuse. Our social impact classes, Y12SR and Yo-Create are person-centred and trauma informed. .



Beginners need love!

Hi, I'm Lou. I set up the BodyMind Studio at the end of 2016, one year after graduating from Bikram Yoga Teacher Training. I have been learning and evolving as a teacher ever since. 

Bikram was a great starting point, but additional training has deepened my understanding of yoga - physical and philosophical. 

My PhD thesis explored the connection between body, mind and spiritual aspect.

We look after beginners. We remember all too well how challenging those first classes can be - and we give you lots of encouragement, gentle corrections - and love. 

 I began yoga in my forties. I heard Bikram Yoga might help my auto-immune condition, Lupus. It did. It changed my life. Yoga transforms us.



Yoga for the people. All the people.

We aim to create a safe and welcoming atmosphere for everyone. 

We want to challenge all forms of oppression including those based on race, ethnicity, nationality, creed, gender, sex, class, sexuality, gender reassignment, learning ability, physical impairment, mental illness, HIV status, age, occupation, income, wealth and criminal conviction. 

We aim to design our activities, services and decision making processes specifically to encourage and support participation from people who face disadvantage in society, including women, BME people, disabled people, LGBTQ people, and people on low incomes.

The BodyMind Studio has been gratefully supported by Firstport, Big Lottery, Glasgow City Council, The Volant Trust and Comic Relief.


An Original Hot Yoga Association Partner



The mission of OHYA is to preserve and promote the therapeutic practice of Original Hot Yoga by creating and upholding standards and resources for studios, teachers, classes and teacher trainings.

The BodyMind Studio is delighted to be part of this association that has the beautiful practice of Bikram Yoga at the heart of it, but does not condone certain behaviours of the Bikram Yoga regime.

Level 2 Certified Teacher


We are proud to be official members of the Original Hot Yoga Association, and our founder Dr Lou Prendergast is a certified Level 2 Bikram Yoga Teacher.   

Dr Lou has been awarded Level 2 teacher status due to her additional training; and commitment to hot yoga by financing the set-up of two separate hot yoga studios in the city.

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