The BodyMind Background


Studio owner Lou Prendergast loves practicing and teaching Bikram Yoga. She has lupus, an autoimmune disease. Lou found Bikram yoga in her 40s and  is the living proof that it's possible to achieve great things through this practice. As Bikram says: "You're never too old, too sick, too poor, to start again from scratch."  As well as the physical strength that comes with regular practice, it also brings mental strength, focus and helps us find our dharma.

The BodyMind Vision


Lou had an aspiration to offer Bikram Yoga to those who faced the biggest challenges in accessing it: through a range of social issues such as poverty, addiction, lack of confidence, low self-esteem and chronic illness. Now her dream is being realised. Working with people accessing drug rehabilitation services, Lou provides classes for those who most need the yoga. The BodyMind Studio is a Community Interest Company - a legal status which ensures profits go back into the business to serve the community.