Challenge Testimonials


"I feel stronger both physically and mentally, and I'm starting to see improvements in my body shape, and my skin is so clear! During this challenge I've had a bit of stress to deal with, and I'm certain that it's making me feel a lot more resilient. I wasn't expecting this at all." D.E

"I now better understand that yoga is about making space – emotionally, as in keeping a little space in the mind that is for myself and nothing but myself; practically, as in finding space in the busy day-to-day to practice; and physically as in creating space inside the body, lengthening the joints or expanding the lungs and so on. And it feels great to realise that we actually have this ability to find space where there doesn't seem to be any…" K.K

"t's been tough at times but completely and absolutely well worth it. I feel better within myself. My confidence has grown daily. My skin is great and my sleep is amazing!" A.B

"I've noticed changes in my body, which responds really well to Bikram yoga, and an increase in flexibility levels. I've also experienced a breakthrough in some postures. For the first time in four-and-a-half years I'm touching my head in Standing Head to Knee! Doing my challenge has really kept me on top of potentially stressful situations - I've been much more focussed at work." L.Mc

"I feel like I've got the strength for travelling now. My quality of sleep has also improved - I'm having a full night's sleep without waking up. And my shape has changed." C.F

"I feel younger, my skin is great, my energy levels - it's just fantastic. I'd encourage anyone to go for the 30-day challenge." H.R

Q & A : A Yogi on Challenge Day 15

How do you feel now compared to the first week?

First week I kept thinking "can I really get passed day 6 and continue practising?" I was trying to find excuses to quit, blame work & family life but really it was all in the mind. If one can't look after them self then they're no use to anyone else. 

Fast forward to day 15 and I feel great. 

I'm also eating healthier now and I'm more aware of what's going into my body, because I know that what I eat will affect the next class that I do.

What has been the most challenging thing so far?

Fear of not committing, especially since I have a hectic work life. I was worried about how could I fit the studio time table into my daily schedule.

Before, I used to think that work & family life came first and yoga practice came second, but not anymore! (my children are grown up so I'm not worried about them as much).

I've amazed myself that practicing everyday has improved performance at work. I'm much more productive now and get more work done in less time.

What was your worst day and why?

Day 10 - purely because I was tired and my muscles hurt and that threw my concentration off.

I still have niggly pains but I now know that no excuse can get in the way of me and my yoga class, so I now schedule my hectic life around yoga. 

Also, what I have felt with the BodyMind Studio is that the owner, Lou, cares about her members - it's about the progress of each member as well as the end results. 

Your best day?

Day 4. I did two classes that day; one in the morning and one in the evening. I felt very flexible that day.

When a yogi practices they see and feel the benefit in health, shape and mind - it's definitely worth the sacrifice. Lou encourages her member to practice to the best of their ability, to listen to their body, and that every practice is different.

How was doing 'a double'?

One day I practiced two classes back to back, but I left the studio briefly and went outside. This made me feel stiff during the second class. If I'd stayed in the warmth it would have been easier.

What was your motivation?

For the past year I had wanted to try the 30-day challenge but couldn't bring myself to do it. But with a bit of moral support and a partner to practice with, I now know it can be achieved. I have told a fellow yogi that I'll practice with them, which therefore makes me do it.  I got arthritis after meningitis and didn't want illness to take over. I have my life ahead of me. That is one of my main reasons why. Yoga isn't just about yoga, it's about meditation and being in sync with the body. Only I can Improve my body. And If you have the right frame of mind, it then rubs off on your family.