30-Day Challenge

"I feel stronger both physically and mentally, and I'm starting to see improvements in my body shape, and my skin is so clear! During this challenge I've had a bit of stress to deal with, and I'm certain that it's making me feel a lot more resilient. I wasn't expecting this at all." D.E

"I now better understand that yoga is about making space – emotionally, as in keeping a little space in the mind that is for myself and nothing but myself; practically, as in finding space in the busy day-to-day to practice; and physically as in creating space inside the body, lengthening the joints or expanding the lungs and so on. And it feels great to realise that we actually have this ability to find space where there doesn't seem to be any…" K.K

"t's been tough at times but completely and absolutely well worth it. I feel better within myself. My confidence has grown daily. My skin is great and my sleep is amazing!" A.B

"I've noticed changes in my body, which responds really well to Bikram yoga, and an increase in flexibility levels. I've also experienced a breakthrough in some postures. For the first time in four-and-a-half years I'm touching my head in Standing Head to Knee! Doing my challenge has really kept me on top of potentially stressful situations - I've been much more focussed at work." L.Mc

"I feel like I've got the strength for travelling now. My quality of sleep has also improved - I'm having a full night's sleep without waking up. And my shape has changed." C.F

"I feel younger, my skin is great, my energy levels - it's just fantastic. I'd encourage anyone to go for the 30-day challenge." H.R


"Energising class, Lou is an amazing teacher and so inspiring. I attend Hot Inferno Pilates and it’s equally challenging v liberating, you’ll feel amazing! And you get results fast! The early morning classes set your day. Give it a go! You won’t regret it." (Facebook)

"Fabulous wee studio. Loved my first session yesterday. Be back next week" (Facebook)

"Loving Bikram at the BodyMind studio, teachers are so friendly." (Facebook)

"Absolutely love the studio and and all the teachers ! Can't wait to be back!" (Facebook)

"Great little studio to practice yoga and pilates in a friendly and welcoming environment. Lou is an experienced and encouraging teacher who knows how to get the best out of you and help improve your practice." (Google)

"Lovely little studio, offering a range of amazing classes and full support and encouragement given by Lou." (Google)

"Brilliant studio, fantastic teachers and great supportive community....love my time at BodyMind Studio xx"

"Lots of classes; supportive and encouraging teachers; great community."

"Bikram is a discipline. I can do what I set my mind to because of the discipline I have now." (Google)

"I love yoga and have been practicing since I was a child. I love the idea of Bikram yoga, but each time I have tried it I found it hard and felt I wasn’t doing the postures correctly as it is taught in such a fast environment. I decided to try Lou’s class last night and absolutely loved it, she made me feel welcome the second I walked through the door. Throughout the practice she was encouraging, checking everyone, explaining reasons for postures all while doing an amazing Bikram class. Can’t wait to go back. A lovely studio and a fantastic teacher. Thank you" (Facebook)

"Fantastic Studio, full of caring and supportive teachers. Lou carefully guides all new students through Bikram, it’s important for the discipline that you arrive on time to classes to allow this process!" (Google)

"Lovely studio, great range of practices, always feel so much Better on my way out than on my way in.."

"Lovely studio with great teachers and a friendly atmosphere. Would highly recommend to anyone who wants to try Bikram Yoga or Hot Inferno Pilates." (Google)

"A fantastic selection of classes and a great community feel. That's why I'm a monthly subscriber ." (Google).

"Friendly studio with great teachers!" (Google)

"First class at your studio last night. Absolutely loved it! Can't wait to get back in the hot room. Booked up for my 10 classes."


"Gr8 yoga .... appreciate the personal attention regards technique , warm and passionate people." (Facebook)

"Really nice place and well-taught hot yoga class." (Groupon)

"I have practiced at Body Mind for about 2 years now.  The studio has a welcoming and friendly feel to it.  Lou is a very knowledgeable and encouraging teacher.  It's been great to see the studio expand and now offer a range of yoga/ Pilates classes.  I can't recommend this studio enough!" (Google)

"Great studio,  with a very experienced Bikram teacher, Lou is very helpful in correcting your postures and motivating you. Love that I found this lil studio over 2 years ago. Amazing wee place." (Google)

"Love, love , love this studio. It has been my Yoga (Bikram) home for over 2 yrs now, Lou and the other Yogini's are all AWESOME and the studio offers a wide range of yoga classes with an amazing schedule. Namaste xxx (Google)

"Great teachers and studio. Also really close to work, subway and the train. Many thanks" (Google)