Flow & Restore

Saturday 10.30am - La Luna

It's one of a range of lovely 'no sweat' classes that have launched our downstairs space, La Luna (the Moon). Taught by Rachel Allen, who says:

"Settling in calmly exploring breath and mobility, naturally wake up and warm up as we progress to an active flow (build focus and strength with sun salutations/warrior & creative Vinyasa sequences, before taking it to the mat with restorative/Yin postures to release tension in the deeper layers of the body (which feels really good!). The session will close with Nidra (guided relaxation) as we cross back into life outside the yoga room taking all the positive benefits of our practice with us! This class is for everyone - options throughout to suit you and your body." Sounds divine!

It's the Yin to your Yang

Flow: move, rise, emerge  Restore: renew, rejuvenate, replenish Active flow + Relaxation = Flow & Restore! 

Conscious movement and breath with a vinyasa style flow to strengthen and align ending with restorative relaxation and nidra to calm and destress. Be good to your body and mind, build positive energy and leave recharged!