Meditation with Matteo

Dr Lou and Dr Matt have each completed several 10-Day, Silent Vipassana meditation courses. We are delighted to finally offer a meditation class. 

Matt's meditation class is divided into 4 parts: 

Primary pranayama to ease our breathing, then some different techniques: 

Visualisation, gazing, focusing

Metta-bavna (loving-kindness) 

Walking meditation

Matt says: "this class is for people interested in meditation, which is complementary to any style of yoga. it is a way to learn how to relax our body and mind."

This session is a most peaceful end to the working week. Either stay on after Matt's Didge Yoga for a double bill, or arrive at 7pm for the meditation. 

When is it on?

Fridays 7-8pm

  • Wind down
  • Calm the mind
  • Re-energise