Dr Lou Prendergast


Yoga and Pilates Training

Inferno Hot Pilates Level 2 teacher training (3 days), Ubud, Bali (Aug 2019)

Hatha Yoga 500 Hour (2 years part-time) Glasgow, June 2019

The Neurobiology of Trauma/Trauma Informed Yoga Practices (5 Days), London (March 19)

Inferno Hot Pilates teacher training (3 days), Ubud, Bali (August 2018)

Y12SR Leadership training (3 days) – Bury St. Edmonds, Suffolk (July 2017)

Y12SR Online Intensive (6 hours) (January 2019)

Hatha Yoga 500 hr teacher training,Yoga Scotland (Sept 2017-June 19)

Bikram Yoga – intensive nine-week teacher training, Thailand (Fall 2015)

Yoga and Meditation Experience...

Bikram Yoga regular practice (since April 2009)

Bikram Yoga masterclass with Ulises Calatayud, Glasgow (July, 2014)

Yoga – 5-day Ayurvedic detox at Gurukul, Goa, India (January/February 2014)

Meditation – 10-day Vipassana course, Kolhapur, India (February 2014)

Shamanism – Power Retrieval sessions, Glasgow (2013)

Shamanism – Group ‘Letting Go’ session, Glasgow (2014)

Vibrational Therapy – in person, and ‘distance healing’, Nairn (April 2014)

Yoga – Yoga and Creativity workshop, Huddersfield (September 2014)

Meditation – 10-day Vipassana meditation course, Norwich (December 2014)

Shamanism – 5-day Shamanic Bananas retreat, Tenerife (February 2015)

Meditation – 10-day Vipassana meditation course, Rajasthan, India (July 2015)

Meditation – Vipassana meditation (7-days), Dharamsala, India (April 2016)

Yoga – Bikram teacher training ‘refresher’ (4-days), Pune, India (May 2016)

Theatre/Performance Training

Actor Training  - 6-day Company of Wolves Training, Glasgow (January 2015)

Actor Training – 2-day Nicholas Nunez workshop, Glasgow (March 2015)

Workshop - Mudra Space Awareness – Lee Worley at Performance and Mindfulness Symposium, Huddersfield University, (June 2016)

Actor Training – 4-day Beginners Intensive – Phillip Zarrilli, Wales (July 2016)