"Yoga is a Sanskrit word derived from "yuj" which means union: to connect, join or balance."

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Drop-in: £15


Single class 

Intro: £20 for 20 days


Strictly new customers only

Five-class Pass: £60


Two months expiry from sale date

Six-month membership: £380


Includes mats and towels!

Feel the Burn with Inferno Hot Pilates!


Monthly Membership: £65*

*six-months minimum subscription

This is the daddy, the bling, the king! It works out at just £15 per week and includes all class types. Come three times per week to get each class for £5! Or twice per week to get each class at £7.50. Sign up for 6 months to give yourself a real opportunity to transform your bodymind in the coming new year. It's the best investment you will ever make!

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Coming in 2019!

Y12SR Training


Buy here with the early bird discount at £355 up until February 22nd. The cost is £395 from February 23rd.