fancy a one-to-one?

90 minute session : £60


One-to-one lessons are beneficial if you’re new to Bikram yoga and want to familiarise yourself with the asanas prior to your first class; or a seasoned yogi interested in deepening your practice.

Lou will work with you on specific postures that you find challenging. Working with demonstrations, books and a camera, you will go a step further on the path towards ideal expressions of the postures.

As a beginner, private lessons provide an introduction and understanding of the foundations and alignments of a hot yoga practice through individual attention given during a private lesson.

Private lessons can also be used to take class at a time that suits your busy life. Several people can come to a private class if a group would like to practice at a time that is not on the schedule. 

One-to-ones are also particularly effective for people with physical or emotional conditions, who can utilise the therapeutic benefits of yoga.

Annual members and yogis who have opted for the Bikram Bling monthly packages receive a free one-to-one with Lou per year as part of their package. Bikram Bunnies receive a 50% discount.