Tantra Yoga

Tantra yoga - Kaula System of Kashmiri Shaivism

Vikki will guide you through a slow, gentle, quiet series particularly geared towards balancing the nervous and endocrine system. 

You will recognise many of the postures from Hatha yoga, and the length of postures and quiet pace feels a bit like Yin yoga.

The series and the language used to guide class becomes familiar so you you can learn to flow through the practice without thought.

This 90 min class includes the main Tri dosha series and there will be time to try other parts of the system like Pranayama, Bhanda the forward bends, bone series or Surya Namaskara.

The pace of the class allows beginners and those with injuries to feel into what works for them. The philosophy of dropping achievement mentality and internal competition is conveyed in the reminders as we practice like "softly flow forward" "don't strain, you will naturally reach a little further as you relax".

The class is suitable for most abilities and can be part of recovery from stroke and thoracic surgery. I just ask people are able to get onto and off the floor indepently and have permission to excecise from thier consultant before booking a class.

This is a hands off yoga style of teaching. Those with a trauma history who find body scans difficult are invited to practice with eyes open as much as is comfortable.

When Is It On?

Saturdays, 4.30-6pm

  • Good for Beginners

  • Injury management

  • Balances Nervous System

  • Calms Endocrine System

  • Therapeutic System

  • Trauma Sesntivie