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Meet the Teachers



Learn. Teach. Evolve.

I am a passionate and enthusiastic teacher, I started started with Bikram Yoga. I practiced it for 7 years before becoming certified to teach. The Bikram sequence is from Hatha Yoga and my training deepened my understanding of the physical and philosophical aspects of Yoga.  I have expanded my yoga knowledge and come to understand the  neuroscience of yoga and the effects of trauma in on the body-mind:

'The issues live in our tissues' and that 'our biography becomes our biology'

I recognise how my own Adverse Childhood Experiences, and my Ace Score has impacted upon my life. Training in yoga for addiction recovery has led me to work with some of the most disadvantaged members of society; I welcome them to my classes. 

Training & Experience

Bikram Yoga; Inferno Hot Pilates; Y12SR; the Neuroscience of Yoga and Trauma Informed Yoga practices. Theatre-maker.



Mind. Body. Spirit.

I have been practicing yoga for over 10 years. It is part of my everyday existence, keeping me focused, flexible and free; connecting me to body, mind and spirit.

I have practiced with many teachers in different countries, learning something different from each of them. I feel a deep sense of gratitude for this experience and want to pass on this knowledge to others their yoga journey. I follow the mantra of :

‘The student is always the teacher, and the teacher is always the student’

When you practice with your body, you also practice with your mind - and when your mind is fully connected and focused with body, your spirit will come forward.

My main focus is hot yoga (Bikram) and I  incorporating Vinyasa into my own practice.

Training and Experience

26 & 2 (Evolation Hot Yoga); also teach 100 minute intermediate Yoga. Finnish Yoga champion. Contemporary Dancer.



Burn. Love. Transform.

  I took my first hot class in 2006 and fell in love with this style of yoga from the very first drop of sweat. As a young man I was in a devastating automobile accident which resulted in multiple fractures and nerve damage. A regular practice of Bikram yoga enabled me to continue with my recovery and to stay fit and pain free. I attended Bikram Yoga Teaching Training in 2009 and have been teaching this life-changing practice ever since. 

'I've been in recovery from addiction for 21 years. Yoga is my fountain of youth"

 Since enjoying a clean and sober life for the past two decades and becoming a yoga instructor I’ve been able to travel the world teaching and taking yoga classes, as well as staying involved with the recovery community. 

Life is good!

Training and Experience

Bikram Yoga; Inferno Hot Pilates; also teach Yin Yoga classes and workshops, since completing Yin training in Costa Rica.



Yoga. Meditation. Wellbeing.

I like yoga because it gives more meaning to my life, improving and listening to the experience of  my body and mind. I am a big fan of tradition and history, so I did research into the most ancient yoga traditional text, trying to discover what "real yoga" was, mostly using the traditional poses found in these ancient yoga texts. I became obsessed in finding out the legendary 84 traditional poses and I found 63 of them, not too bad!  

"I studied Buddhism meditation and theory at the Glasgow Buddhist Centre"

I have attended several Vipassana meditation coursesBeside yoga, I am a linguist and musician. I play several instruments and speak some languages, such as Mandarin and studying Sanskrit.

Training and Experience

Diploma of Professional Study, CTAA Member, Yoga teacher training in (Hong Kong) and Ch'an Exoteric School, China.



Restore. Re-energise. Rejuvenate.

 Teaching enables me to demonstrate that yoga can be a means to express yourself no matter where you have been or where you are from. I wasn’t sure what I was looking for when I first walked in to a studio but I found a lift in energy that kept me going back, and I felt stronger and calmer. I began as a devoted Bikram student. More recently my teaching, training and self study have found me centring on Vinyasa and Yin. 

"People turn up to chill out, to heal, the list is endless - no right or wrong"

 The common motivation is that it makes life better on some level. This is a practice open to all of us and a reminder that we are naturally strong and have the power to move in different ways.

  Training and Experience

  Yin Yoga & Anatomy, Mental Health First Aider,  Pending: Anatomy of Adjustments (Shoulder Care) and Prenatal Yoga TT 



Yoga. Align. Flow.

  I believe yoga is for everyone, regardless of age, size, shape, gender, background, physical ability... everyone! I value yoga as a tool to support over all health. Adding a bit of yoga into your lifestyle can assist with all manner of holistic well-being - physical, emotional, spiritual, whatever it is you're looking to get out of it. I recognise health is precious and we should work with what we have been gifted with to optimise our lives. 

"I'm an intensive care nurse with many years experience of health care needs"

Since practicing yoga I can deal with stress better by controlling my breath; and can calm my nerves. I became more aware of my body, emotions, and intuitions... and I’m still constantly learning more!

Training and Experience

Alignment and Therapeutic Yoga: stability and flexibility; aligning emotional connection between the body, mind and nature