Vinyasa Flow

Connecting Movement with Breath

This is an energising class connecting flowing movement & breath. Working through a combination of creative sequences, sun salutations, warrior postures, core work & floor based asanas, we will cultivate ease & freedom of movement, strength, flexibility, focus, endurance.

Students will sense that they have drawn in positive energy, as we cross back into life outside the yoga room, taking all the positive benefits of our practice with us! This class is for everyone - options throughout to suit you and your body.

Wake up the body naturally on Thursday mornings with a full hour. Top up your energy levels again on Wednesday early evenings with Vinyasa Flow's shorter baby sister, Flow Express.

When is it on?

Wed 5.45-6.15pm

Thu 6.45-7.45am

Flow: move, rise, emerge.

Conscious movement and breath with a Vinyasa flow to strengthen and align 

Be good to your body and mind, build positive energy and leave recharged!