Yoga Align and Flow

Emma's class explores the alignment of some classical asanas (postures) that will be held long enough to really feel deeply, from the inside out. 

This approach allows for strength and stability to build within the body and encourages a calming stillness of the mind; incorporating this into a 'flow' by connecting the breath to movement will create some fluidity and mobility within the practice.

The aim of this class is to work on the physical alignment to protect against injury but also to assist with aligning the emotional connection between the body and mind. All levels are welcomed to this style of yoga and will be supported by modifications and optional adjustments.

Along with these principles of alignment and flow, there is also relaxation time. Emma  loves holding space for people to feel, to create, to be strong, to be soft, to move, to be still; to feel supported, accepted and fabulous! 

When is it on?

Wednesdays, 5pm

  • Supportive skeletal alignment for protection of the physical make up

  • Increased mobility, stability and flexibility. 

  • Alignment of emotional connection between the body, mind and mother nature