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Burn, Love, Transform

Three Fabulous Hot Workouts

Bikram Yoga, Inferno Hot Pilates , NYC 60



On Saturday it's the second of our Kids Yoga classes with Claudia at 10.30am - at the same time as the Bikram class. You can either stay and practice yoga at the same time (if you have booked in) or leave them in Claudia's capable hands and come back for them at 12noon! Go shop, exercise, meet a friend for brunch, or indulge income have some 'me' time. It's jus £7.50 per child or £30 for a kids five-class pass! 

HOW TO BOOK: Download the MINDBODY app from the app store and book into classes to secure your spot. Any problems with it, contact MINDBODY support. You can access the live chat from your profile page once you have created it.  Thanks!

Three Class Types - 4 classes per week of each modality!*

Bikram Yoga: Mon 6.30-8pm; Wed 6.30-8pm; Fri 1-2.30pm; Sat 10.30-12pm 

NYC 60**: Mon 5-6pm; Thu 4.30-5.30pm; Fri 6-7pm; Sat 9-10am 

Inferno Hot Pilates: Tue 6-7pm; Thu 6-7pm; Fri 4.30-5.30; Sun 9-10am 

*The Studio reserves the right to change times/remove classes that are under-attended

**NYC 60 is for experienced Bikram Yogis.