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Hey Yogi Bears. Please note changes to timetable over the next two weekends. Due to Hatha Yoga training this weekend, Saturday's NYC 60* and Sunday's Inferno Hot Pilates will both run one hour earlier at 8am. Anyone booked in is automatically moved to the new time. The following weekend, Sat 2nd/Sun 3rd March, the training is in Edinburgh so earlier classes are not possible. Yogis can attend Rachel's Flow and Restore at 10.30am on the Saturday, and we are putting on a special one-off Inferno class at 8pm on Sunday 4th! Again, if you were booked into the 9am class that day, you have already been moved to the new time. Please cancel yourself out if the time does not work for you. Thanks for your patience. Not many of these training weekends left now! ❤️

*NYC 60 for experienced Bikram Yogis. Download the MINDBODY app from the app store and set up a profile on the BodyMind Studio to book classes.


New 'no sweat' classes have been launched in our basement space. Join Lou for a six-week Hatha series on Wednesdays at 5pm. Rachel will be teaching a Flow & Restore class on Saturday mornings.

FLOW & RESTORE – Saturdays, 10.30am
Flow: move, rise, emerge
Restore: renew, rejuvenate, replenish
Active flow + Relaxation = Flow & Restore!
Conscious movement and breath with a vinyasa style flow to strengthen and align ending with restorative relaxation and nidra to calm and destress. Be good to your body and mind, build positive energy and leave recharged!

HATHA – Wednesdays, 5pm
Even in winter the sun continues to rise and we celebrate its power, energy and beauty by nourishing our prana, our lifeforce, our energy - by drawing heat and light into our practice, working with themes around nature. The objectives of this six-week series are:
• Introduce foundational Hatha poses.
• Introduce breath awareness and being grounded.
• Warm-ups that gradually lead to progressions.
• Connections between nature and humans.
• Peak postures from Tree pose to Shoulder Stand.
• Encourage confidence, while practicing self-care.

HOW TO BOOK: Download the MINDBODY app from the app store, Search for the BodyMind Studio, create a profile, pay for classes and and book in baby! Any problems with it, contact MINDBODY support by accessing the live chat from your app profile page.

Five Amazing Class Types*:

Bikram Yoga: Mon 6.30-8pm; Tues 1-2.30pm; Wed 6.30-8pm; Fri 1-2.30pm; Sat 10.30-12pm 

NYC 60**: Mon 5-6pm; Thu 4.30-5.30pm; Fri 6-7pm; Sat 9-10am 

Inferno Hot Pilates: Tue 6-7pm; Thu 6-7pm; Fri 4.30-5.30; Sun 9-10am 

Hatha Yoga: Wed 5-6pm

Flow & Restore: Saturday 10.30am-12pm

*The Studio reserves the right to change times/remove classes that are under-attended

**NYC 60 is for experienced Bikram Yogis.