181 St. Georges Road, Charing Cross, Glasgow, G3 6JD

The BodyMind Studio welcomes and works with diverse groups and individuals.

We are a not-for-profit, Community Interest Company, which means that profits go straight back into benefiting our community.

Some yoga students love to be challenged. Others prefer a more person-centred, gentle approach. Some students seek peace of mind. For others, the goal is transforming the body. Some students want hands-on adjustments; others don't like being touched. All preferences are valid. We have regular students who pay for their memberships; 'beneficiaries' who access our services for free; and students who are somewhere in the middle, enjoying half-price membership to suit their circumstances. Yoga is for everyone. At the BodyMind Studio, you'll find a top professional on one mat, and a former heroin addict on the next. Middle class. Working class. Underclass. No stigma. No hierarchy. We come together as community, to be the change we want to see. That's what makes it special.

Command Based Yoga


Do you enjoy the challenge of an intensive workout? Are you comfortable taking instruction within an unchanging system of yoga? Do you like the 'safety' of repeated, static postures, of not having to make your own decisions and of receiving verbal and occasionally physical adjustment? Do you like to know you are progressing? You would enjoy our Bikram Yoga.

Invitational Yoga


Do you prefer to have more choice in your yoga class? Are you more comfortable when you are 'invited' to do the pose? Do you prefer softer language? Would you feel more 'safe' in our more private, softly-lit downstairs space? Maybe you want to keep your eyes closed during practice and to be offered modifications in your postures? You might enjoy our Hatha classes.



Yoga is an ancient system, a blue-print for living and getting to know yourself better. It involves asana (physical postures), but they are a small part of this spiritual philosophy. Maybe that's not what you're after. Maybe you just want to get fit, develop more muscle definition, become strong and toned? You want music and fun from at your class? Try Hot Pilates!

Yoga Flow


Do like a yoga class with dynamic poses that flow into one another? Do you prefer a faster-paced class with different postures each time? Maybe the savasanas  in Bikram feel too long for you - maybe you'd prefer to keep moving, but enjoy a longer relaxation at the end? You might like Hot Vinyasa, Flow and Restore or Flow Express for a quick lunch-time energy boost.


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Studio Info

***Please remember to sign out of classes you have decided not to attend***

Studio opes 15 minutes before class.

Water, mats and towels can be hired at £1 each, - or bring your own.

Silent Bikram classes are for experienced Bikram Yogis.

Studio reserves the right to cancel low attendance classes 

Sign up via the 'book a class' tab.